Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How to Start an Altium User Group

Creating a local user group is a great way to meet local talent, find resources and share your experience.

The Basic Steps: (in logical order)

Identify Altium users in your area. Invite them to collaborate with you to create a local user group. 

You can post an invitation on the Altium Community Forum to let users know you are interested in starting a group.

Identify a hosting facility, this could be a local PCB design service, an assembly house, a PCB fabricator or your company's conference room.

Ask Altium if they have a Field Application Engineer in your area that can participate in the meetings to present new features and be available for Q&A sessions.

Create a group charter, you are welcome to copy the SDAUG Group Charter or use any part of it as a starting point for creating your group's charter.

Create a blog, I chose - It's easy and free.

Announce your first meeting, nominate and elect group officers.

Encourage all group members to participate and share their experience in the meetings.

best regards,

SDAUG Chairperson
Randy Clemmons CID+

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